The Dark Carnival at the 1st Annual Locked Up Tattoo Convention! Here’s a glimpse of what you can expect. For more information about the tattoo convention, visit

Sponsor: Fear on the Farm WV

Virtual Haunted House, escape room table game, of course MONSTERS!


Dead City Circus Sideshow

A collective of professional horror actors, entertainers, artists, and performers hailing from Rincon, GA!
Facebook: Dead City Circus Sideshow

Black Magic Burlesque & Circus Productions

Burlesque• Drag• Sideshow• Fire & Flow• Aerials• Juggling blackmagicburlesque

Mortal Coil Serpentry

Reptile breeders and educators bringing a live snake meet and greet with photo opportunities!

Winston-Salem, NC


Wildefell Wolves

Wildefell Wolves will be out at Locked Up offering photo ops. Stark from the Movie Rampage will be out with his fellow wolf dogs and few few other friends like a owl and a pied crow!! They will be in the main building but in a separate room from the tattoo artists.

Siren The Mermaid

The old tale of the Sirens is that the magical creatures would sit on rocks and lure sailors to their doom with their haunting voices. When this beautiful creature was found in cold dark waters, that was not the case. For as soon as her gaze was met with spying eyes, she began an enchanting water dance. Those who watched were drawn to the depths of the water, and because of this, she had to be captured. Come see the Siren that we call The Leviathan, as she dances and performs in her tank that was made for your safety in mind. Just be careful as to not get caught in her hypnotizing gaze.